Thom2 is a Thomson TO7 Emulator for Linux.

The TO7 is a French personal computer, popular in the 1980s.

Download Thom2 v2.2.1 :

Source :  tar.xz

Ubuntu binary package :  deb

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wxEphe is a wxWidgets application that displays Astronomical Ephemeris for The Sun, The Moon and solar system planets, given date and observer's location

Download wxEphe v1.7 :

Source, autoconf and Eclipse based :  tar.xz

Ubuntu binary package :  deb

MS Win binary installer :  exe

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boinc-status  is a bash script for unix like systems.

It prints information about BOINC projects.

It can also be used to start or stop BOINC.

Download (22 KB) : boinc 3.10 (tar.xz).

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Boinc Berkeley BOINC homepage.

EPHE is a HP48/HP49/HP50 calculator software to compute ephemeris.

It gives data for :

Sun  The Sun Moon  The Moon
Planets  Planets Asteroids  Asteroids Comets  Comets
Stars  Stars

Required Configuration : HP49/HP49G+/HP50 for version 2.xx - HP48SX+128KB/HP48G for version 1.33.

Download (HP library version 2.13 and 1.33 + documentation, 405 KB) : EPHE v2.13 (zip).

Boinc EPHE, on